Monday  April 9th
ALL DAY: Hickory Burger with Cheddar Cheese with Chips $9.99

Tuesday  April 10th
Lunch: Cuban Sandwich with Chips $9.99
Dinner: Stuffed Peppers with Salad $ 13.99

Wednesday  April 11th
ALL DAY: Chopped Steak with Mushroom, Onions, and Gravy with Salad  $13.99  

Grilled steak and vegetable salad

Thursday  April 12th
2 For 1 Burgers Dine-In Only

Friday  April 13th
Lunch: Shrimp Ceasar Wrap with Chips $9.99
Dinner: Fried Flounder with French Fries and Cole Slaw $13.99

Saturday April 14th
Lunch: Club Sub with Chips $8.99
Dinner: Chicken Teriyaki Over Rice with Sauteed Green Beans $13.99

Sunday April 15th
ALL DAY: Blackened Prime Rib Sandwich with Loaded Baked Potato and Salad $14.99